Analysis tools by W.K.Analytics and NMGI (Northwestern Medicine GI lab)

Analysis tools are initially developed by Wenjun Kou with other physicians/engineers in Northwestern Medicine GI lab. They are further tailored/interfaced for external use with WKlytics platfom. If you have any question on the analysis, or you have a large amount of cases that need assistance, feel free to contact: w-kou AT

Analysis programs as well as instructions are given as below.

To use the program, you need two steps.

Step 1: A free and open-source python framework (Anaconda) needs to be downloaded and installed properly, see here: Tutorial PDF and open-source Anaconda installers.

Step 2: Download analysis tool from below items (currently, permission is required).

Note below tools are tested and supposed to run on various platforms: Windows (7,10), Mac and Linux. Any quesiton, feel free to contact: w-kou AT

Example: flip_EGJ analysis report figure
Example: animation of 4D manometry