Data to Inform. Model for Insight.
Data 2 Inform. Model 4 Insight.

ABOUT: W.K. Analytics

Modeling + Analytics + Engineering.


We integrate evidence-based data model and principle-based mechanistic model to better inform for deeper insight. We are experienced in data techniques as well as physical simulations and better to combine them.


We have cared and learned to advance both the hardware (i.e. device) products and software (i.e. Data analytics and modeling ) applications, as well as underlying domain knowledge (i.e. physics, physiology) with expertise across multiple fields (i.e. physics, medicine/physiology and data science).


We attemp for innovation by iterating the feed-back loop of the three elements: Device design, Data analytics and Mechanistic modeling. We process the data from the obtained device, and feed the data analytics into the developed mechanistic model. We then generate model analysis to compare with device measurements for validation or innovation.


We are aware of the role play between developer and user in our multi-background working environment, especially for data analytics and computing applications. We are eager to learn and apply modern platforms, with emphasis on being secure, customized, and extensible.


A life-long team...


Wenjun (Walter) Kou

CEO & Founder

Walter is currently Research Assistant Professor & Clinical Data Scientist at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern Univeristy, specialized in computational modeling of mechano-phyiological systems. He builds up his expertise in bio-physics, scientific algorithms and programming. He is also enthusiastic in data visualization/analytics, Internet of things, and eager to take new challenges.


Luzhi (Sunny) Zhen

Financial director

Sunny Zhen, a registed CPA that holds a master degree in Accouting. She has 8+ years of experience in financial management and accounting.


Clinics-focused data analytics, with collaborations. and tools

Big-data-driven prediction models, with collaborations.

Physcis-based simulation modeling, with collaborations.


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Chicago, IL & Houston, TX

Phone: (346)434-7077