Install ubuntu touch on oneplus 6

Goal & issues:

Install ubuntu touch & Android on oneplus6. Mainly targeting ubuntu touch for daily use(not really dual-boot)

Issues: fix for dead boot/reboot from ubuntu touch (see bottom).

Reference: Outdated documentation & ubports-installer video tutorial & Unlock bootloader & fix ref.

Fresh install?


All you data could be wiped!! Backup your data!!

In Android of Oneplus 6: Unlock bootloader

Laptop: install ubports_installer and adb tools.

Ex: Ubuntu laptop with Snap

1. Flash Android 9 os with potential dualboot (Ubuntu + Android), based on Outdated documentation

2. Install ubuntu by using official installer: ubports-installer video tutorial

Phone: Make sure it is in bootloader screen

Laptop: open software: Ubports_installer (current 0.8.9 stable).

3. Fix for dead-loop of boot after power off/on

Cause: possible issue is related to race condition. Fix: (acknowledge from the forum) one-time installation of a file;


Switch back to Android? this may or may not break some ubuntu touch setup

Reboot does not reboot?

  • Try above step: switch back to Android, then select wipe/erase all the data,
  • Then reboot to fastboot, and follow steps 1&2 to re-flash android 9 & install ubuntu touch

New simple installation? no dual boot (ref.)

Appendix: what about==oneplus 6T==

  1. Notice, if it is by T-mobile, one needs first to get unlock code. See here
  2. Then, after you can do fastboot oem unlock, you follow similar steps like oneplus 6
  3. If get error from the ubports installer, make sure you check the 2 wipes (i.e. wipe personal data and the below one).
  4. T mobile version, do NOT directly downgrade to andorid 9 using rom. You may get incompatible error (phone is bricked).